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  1. The important technical features of the HyperCash system distinguish it from others.
  2. HyperCash system uses PoW + PoS systems together. This allows quicker and easier mining. Also, the block creation time is shortened.
  3. HCASH AI Lighting Protocol (HAILP) is one of the protocols available to users of the HyperCash currency.
  4. Quantum-resistant Signature is the advanced signing technology used by the system. This technology ensures a high level of anonymity and keeps users' data safe. Users' personal data can only be accessed by themselves.
  5. The ASIC Resistance system protects the HyperCash platform against attacks from different platforms. This ensures that the system is resistant to threats.
  6. PP Protocol is another protocol in which the system assists with high security and fast data flow.
  7. Since Hypercash is a mining cryptocurrency, it does not guarantee volatility. The currency may gain or lose value at regular intervals.
  8. HyperCash is a potentially promising currency because it has risen to a price of $ 38.
  9. You can keep you Hypercash in the HyperCash wallets.
  10. How to buy Hypercash? You can go to popular exchange platforms such as Binance.
Which is Turkey's largest Bitcoin exchange and HyperCash be informed about the work that Thodex as altcoin. You can contact Thodex: 02129090312

Meet a new generation of cryptocurrencies that have a high transaction volume and therefore can be used in many stock exchange systems. HyperCash is symbolized as HC in the cryptocurrency world. As is known, cryptocurrencies generally prefer to use a single chain Blockchain system. Unlike other currencies, Hyper uses a double-chain Blockchain system. In addition, this system promises high security due to its advanced signature features. We have listed our more detailed answers to the what is HyperCash question later in this article. If you wish, you can review the rest of the article.